Rebecca R.

"Luna is a serious professional. Her ability to listen, empathize and effectively help her clients is indicative of her commitment to her career in health and wellness. She is committed to her job and the lives of many that count on her guidance and support to achieve their healthy eating and fitness goals. It's evident that her passion for this field has allowed her to transform herself both physically and mentally. Now, as she continues on her own personal journey, she is eager and ready to continue motivating others to also take their lives into their hands by changing their eating habits, workout regimen, and seeking ways to improve their personal development."

Jesse J.

"Luna is not only one of the most down to earth, caring, and giving people I know, she is also a wealth of knowledge in her respected fields. Partnering with Luna has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. I'm grateful for her connection and expertise.   

If you're seeking a coach that gets down to business and produces results, don't hesitate for one more second! Hire this amazing professional and let her be your partner and teammate."

Scott A.

"If you are someone that is seeking a world class nutrition, life, or health coach, then I would highly recommend Luna Hernandez. Luna's approach is to maximize and take full advantage of life, and live it to the fullest and this translates into programs that set her clients up for success. Instead of "thinking" about how you can feel and look your best, contact Luna and let her story prove that you don't have to look any further. Thank you Luna for being the bright light for all of us."

Gracie M.

"Luna is professional and knowledgeable. I would feel comfortable working with her in any capacity. She is trustworthy, passionate and dedicated. I highly recommend her as a coach!"

Yuliana M.

"It’s been a pleasure working with Luna, she has helped me tremendously to recover my energy and most important my health. want to highly recommend Luna to anyone who is struggling with self-esteem, lack of energy, or weight concerns. I’d like to share that not only she’s an incredible person but very successful in her professional life and very committed coach supporting clients at all times. Huge thank you for guiding me through my weight loss journey and I am extremely happy with the results. You have been unconditional for the success of my goals and have been continuously accessible for anything I need. I trust that you’ll continue to touch the heart of many people."

Sandra M.

"Luna has been my Wellness Coach for a little while so far, but I would already highly recommend Luna. She is very knowledgable, easy to communicate with, and has great interpersonal skills."